Friday, September 26, 2008

Hara Krsna Festival 45. early hansadutta krsna rock#27

Got this one in the mail Hara Krishna Kirtan backed with Vande Ham(not familar with this). 1974 German release so you can bet Hans Krey is credited and prominent in the vocals on the kirtan. He distinct energetic and unhinged warble is hard to miss.
Rhythnms on this one are a little herky jerky. Devotional. AVINAS CHANDRA is credited with singing on Vande Ham.

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Anonymous said...

Send me a list of which Krishna related albums you have; then I'll let you know of any I know of that are missing. For instance, I haven't seen any of the Rasa albums from Sweden, or the album Vrindavana, produced in France. You can reach me at