Thursday, September 25, 2008

Odds and Ends

Svein Tuft has a good day. Silver Medal after a bike change at the Worlds and then in snags a 2 year deal with Garmin!Not to take away any of Grabsch's thunder, but Svein had a good day I have always liked this guy. Maybe he can ride one of these. Wingnuts, widgets, and one speed. Nice.
How funny is it that a donut shop helps support the Canadian National Team?
Lil'Wayne blogs? Get stoked.
As if Bettini's custom hat wasn't cool enough,he has custom socks too. Sadly they aren't enough to protect him from getting ether'd by Lefevre "Now I have four top riders for the price of Bettini: Chavanel, Devolder, Tosatto and Schumacher," he added. "My decision was made quickly." Ouch.
Hopefully a win tomorrow will take the sting out. I am calling Bettini,Valverde, and Schumacher for the podiuom tomorrow. Not original and after the left of center TT podium maybe a bad call.

I wouldn't run white hoods or saddle but this is super gnar

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