Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vuelta wrap up

I really slept on this race this year. Missed Angilru. At least it will be fresh when I am zoning out on trainer rides in January.
Contador wins all Three Grand Tours in a 15 month span!. 2 in one year is a feat in and of it self. What excuse will they have to keep him away from the Tour next year?
Gesnick cracked the top ten and Mosquera was the surprise Revelation. Knives come out in the Sastre/Riis war of words.
Don't forget Jens Voigt won tour of Poland. Where there was snow! Snow? Get those rides in now, it's coming.
While these guys were racing, I was discovering how bad my legs have become. I have been off the bike and mainly running for about 3 weeks. Jumped on today. BPLs. Bike Path Legs. No power.
This blog got me stoked as did cyclocross mags video section. Check the Adam Craig crash. Going high on that wet track was not so sweet.

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