Monday, October 6, 2008

Het dopingmonster van Loch Ness

The Doping Monster of Loch Ness.... This was the headline to a Het Volk article last Friday or so. Schelck managing to drag most of CSC back into the doping spotlight was bad, the 14 or so bad tests from the Tour that are lurking was worse, but Vino's announcement of an attempt to come back was the worst. Vino? Are you fucking kidding? It was bad enough to watch Frigo and Cassagrande drag their tainted asses around long after they were welcome. There is nothing quite as sad as the last couple years of Cassagrande's career. He labored over the bike like some sad past his prime porn star, propelled by whatever chemicals he could get away with on whatever team would take him. The thrill and joy was gone. All that was left was a sad, scared dude doing the only thing he knew how to.
So much for the new clean era. Its not so much the loch ness as the revolving door or groundhog day of doping. Maybe longer bans will be necessary until the tests are better.
And before I could even post this Schumacher gets a positive for CERA. Awesome. The Brad Test-Does the guy have male pattern baldness in his late 20s/early 30s? seems to be pretty accurate. After Schumacher, we still have a dozen more riders whose tests are getting redone. Ouch. Will any of the top ten still be there by the time you watch the race video?
So maybe in the end it isn't the loch ness, but a pit full of quicksand.

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