Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Non Cycling Odds and Ends

60 minutes was a home run this week. One segment on a Delta Force soldier that was hunting Bin Laden and has a book coming out and a second segment bringing another financial time bomb too light. Sub-prime mortgages might be bad but credit debt swaps are worse. More interviews with Jim Grant who seems to be an economist I can appreciate. Grant seems like a less partisan Thomas Franks, but I really am not familiar enough with him to say that for sure. His book will most likely be on my xmas list. I would get a subscription to his magazine, but I already read too much that I barely understand. I need the Lester Bangs or Kickboy Face of economic journalism.

This is a pretty crucial article. Sobering in light of where Bush's exhortations for the average American to fight terrorism by shopping and traveling and spending have gotten us.

Third up is a movie review. Streetfight is a documentary about the race to be Mayor of Newark NJ. Wire fanatics should do themselves a favor and rent this. So much of the Carcetti vs Royce action seems lifted almost directly from this.

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