Thursday, November 27, 2008

Darkthrone Darkthrones and Black Flags

I guess this has made the rounds, but much like the the new "darkthrones and black flags" cd which snuck out last week,it was new to me. Fenriz is the real deal. Long Version of interview here-long but worth it.

The woodland metal posing on the booklet for the new record is worth the purchase. Getting to see Fenriz's epic Speed Metal tat is a highlight. Imagine black metal woodland posing, but in focus, in color, and in daylight. Too Good.

The music on here is way more rock. Not D-Beat, but Motorhead is an obvious influence. Super dirty and primitive metal. Demo quality recording (in a good way not a scuzzy black metal side projectway) I was kinda hoping that the black flags in question might hint at some greg ginn level shredding, but I think it is more like black flags of pirates or orcs or something.
Song titles are killer.

These guys have gone from tech death metal to the architects for the blueprint of black metal ( the black print?) to know scummy rock and roll/thrash. What next?

Not everyone is a fan though. Check this post on the Klaxon blog. Darkthrone may not keep it true but Klaxon and Bone Awl do. In some ways I agree, Transylvanian Hunger is some life changing, next level shit. But once you have defined a genre and not died(a la Euronymous or the Big Bopper) what do you do? It would be equally as lame if the Throne kept pumping out Under a Funeral Moon copies or tried to polish it up to Satryicon levels. So given the choice of A.No Darkthrone, B.Transylvanian Hunger Redux, or C.Whatever they come up with. I will go with C

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