Monday, November 24, 2008

How much Art?

Can you take? Apparently a lot. Rule of Thirds is the new one from Death in June. Like a black metal band, I anxioulsy await their new records as much for the art and imagery as the music. This one lays out some very straight ahead acoustic folk. (neo-folk?, pagan-folk?, post-folk? creepy Waterboys?) Sounds like the most straight forward record they have done in ages. Obtuse lyrics. Wickerman and grapevines. Tight.
You already know if you are going to get this.
The usual word play, allusions, and obscure refereneces. Do the work and the lyrics are hiding a lot of cool things-and you can feel like a smug smart asshole.
"My Last Europa Kiss" is one of the standout tracks for me.

One thing I always appreciate about DIJ is that they pay attention to detail, present things as they want, and don't seem at all pressured on concerned with the usual BS around the "music business". Not unlike Mr.Fenriz from an upcoming Darkthrone post. They do it for themselves and don't compromise the presentation.

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