Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Enforcer Into the Night

In the age of the retro throwback metal, I was expecting a more straight ahead thrash attack from Enforcer. It looked like they got hold of most of Megaforce's fonts for the layout. I was suprised to see them mining a different vein of music. Metallica, Maiden, Diamondhead and NWOBHM seem to be the reason d'etre for enforcer. They also pulled out all the stops on the group photo shoot in the booklet. Cover kind of reminds me of Exciter but it is more pro than what Exciter used to put together. I think HA jacked some Exciter art for their site. Way better than the Century Media power metal BS, this is some crucial metal.
9 songs of classic NWOBHM. Even the song titles have that feel. So does this make this the New New wave of Retro-British Heavy Metal (NNWORBHM)?
Heavy Artillery is the label. They are pretty reliable for metal these days.

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