Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bike Life Round Up

I love cycling for many reasons, but super obsessive posts about keeping your feet warm and wearing multiple plastic bags and socks are high on my list.

I remember Max Schaaf towing Gonz on a motorcyle, but didn't realize he was this deep in the game. Will these fit on the hyphy bars on my fixed gear?

Xmas is over, but for the man who has everything, why not "bike to work" pants with hidden reflectors and "mud flaps"??? Mud flaps? How about a fender. It is a thin line between clever and stupid.

Random Roubaix footage with a very unique Flemish Country song....

Jonathan Page may be an asshole, but I doubt he is a doper. Regardless missing a control is going to fuck his life up.

37 and raining on Saturday and 55 and dry the next. This is December?

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