Monday, December 29, 2008

early b wheely wheely

This mega photo came to my attention last week and is clearly a top cycling record. In addition to the song "Wheely Wheely", Early B has another song called "Bicycle Bicycle" and yet another called "Pedal Pusher". In classic Jamaican music industry fashion, he found an untapped genre and ran it into the ground. Song snippets here. Full song here. Clearly Early was on point. Mid 80s Dancehall Style. So far it does not appear that he is related to Steady B.
Nice Wikipedia factoid, he got the nickname "early" cause he always arrived early at dances!
Tragically (and too close to home), he was killed by a stray bullet at a Jah Love show in Dorchester in 1994.
As seen here, Early had a knack for good album photos.

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