Monday, February 2, 2009

Blank Dogs

I think I first saw this name in some lame Matador/Fucked Up ad. The name stuck in my head even though it is easy to forget. Started trying to track down some of the allegedly endless output, when I realized I am old and you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes anymore-the info is just sitting on his myspace page.
I have always hoped that as I got older I would just lose touch with the rad music being made (rather than the belief that rad music was being made by hasbeens my own age.... or not being made at all). This blog Dead Metaphor is a lot easier to read than MRR and this 39 good records from 08 was an cool place to start checking out what is going on. Shitty Limits was pretty rad and once again, Myspace has all the tunes and downloads. But this is supposed to be about Blank Dogs, so back to the matter at hand.
The aesthetics are on point and that is crucial. The whole masked man thing is cool kind of a slacker Death in June thing. The out of print releases list is pretty impressive. Picked up the "On two side" CD. 12 songs. Sacred Bones
This reminds me of Down(the one from Lansing MI, not NOLA) and Spare Snare as much as the obvious Joy Division cop out comparison. This is some good catchy pop with a layer of reverb, fuzz, and lofi trickery smeared over it. I guess some people like their hooks overly orchestrated and some people like them buried in the murk. Not as frantic as a band like boyracer, but another comparison that springs to mind and is probably as valid as the "cure on valium" bs that you might read elsewhere.
In the Red is going to be putting out a BD CD soon so check it out.

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