Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bone Awl

Bone Awl records are much anticipated around the WWDIS lair. I don't really get down with the cassette only stuff, but the records have me ready to order as soon as I know they are out. Got the new Night's Middle 3 song 7" from Nuclear War Now Productions. Super fast shipping and everything was well packed. NWNP kick ass. They also co-released this with Klaxon-the Bone Awl home base.
Starts off with the simple pounding "your late" which if you make the wrong choice of speeds will sound even punker. Reminds me a little of Rudimentary Peni, but with more harsh metal vocals(especially at the wrong speed). Next up after a long movie sample is "Night's Middle" which hits way harder than the 1st track. This is the top tune on here.
Side Two is left holding "make for yourself a last vision". Slightly more complex than the A-side, but basically just as pummelling.
Bone Awl are not really fucking around, they continue to deliver the goods
12 page booklet had my hopes up for some major graphic content, but it didn't really blow my mind. Nothing bad, just no bonus points.
PS-keep your eyes open cause Bone Awl will be on tour this summer. I think they will kill it live.

In unrelated news went out and saw some bands Friday night. Defeatist from NYC. Tombs(NYC) and Phantom Glue(boston). I love Tombs and they kicked ass-new record on Relapse right around Valentine's Day. Defeatist blew me away-super tight and raging. I thought I was too old for gindcore, but I guess not. Maybe it was the soundsystem, but they had some sick D-Beat parts(too me anyway) Phantom Glue were another nice surprise. Classic Boston heaviness mixed with a little driving rock. The best part about this night, is somehow I didn't feel like the oldest person there-despite clearly being in the running.

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