Friday, May 15, 2009

Cycling odds and ends

I want a set of these, even if I am questionable on the logos.
Velonews Giro tech coverage has sucked so far. Pictures of the outside of the team buses and mechanic's vehicles??? We care about what is inside. And pictures of hacksaws aren't gonna cut it no matter how cool the home-made truing stands are. Step your game up Zinn!
Giro so far has been good LPR are going for the thoat with the Pettachi to DiLuca pink jersey hand off. How long can he hold it? The next couple days look good for breakaway hunters and opportunists. Sprinters are hanging on for dear life to get to Sunday. A big crit in Milan in the middle of the Giro? Why not. Tuesday's stage could be the big GC upsetter. Next week will be decisive due to Tuesday and then the eually tough ITT on Thursday. The stucture of this year's race has definitely become more interesting. Not the traditional week of sprinter's stages followed by a week of mountains. Never mind the mix of very short and very long stages.
Menchov vs Leipheimer vs Basso seems like the battle. THey are all strong with strong teams. Maybe Rogers in the mix too. So far so good.
Saxo Bank sent a GC leaderless team which seems to put a lot of pressure on a Schleck come Tour time. Garmin is not having a very stellar year and it might be time for Millar to hang up his cleats.

Gonna ride the Wakefield century this weekend. Have always had fun on this one-even if it rains every year.

Took 5 days off the bike. That felt strange. Hopefully a mid season break is a good move an not just an inertia starter.

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Billy said...

I took 9 days off, only to ride 90 miles alone today. I bet you feel stronger after the break. I felt way better today than I did 2 weeks ago, and 1,000 times stronger than I did on my July solo Cape rides last year. I think all of us pretend racers don't take enough time off, thinking that riding nonstop helps. I used to never rest, and I never got stronger.