Sunday, May 10, 2009

Old Wainds Death Nord Kult CD

Old Wainds
are not afraid of riffing in the vein of classic slayer while still
delivering some klassic kult black metal. Production is solid (not unlike the
newest Nachmystium and this disc shreds.
Not total overdrive like Marduk or Immortal, but still
this could be the first "black thrash" record that lives up to the genre's
potential. The breakdown on bloodstained is sick. Have slept on their
previous releases mainly due to being burned by too much sub par russian and slavic black metal(nokturnal mortum for example). This is described as glacial, nordic,and frezing, but it sounded pretty good blaring on my car stereo one a warm sunny day.
Supposedly their previous records are in the more demented black metal vein
which receive high praise from aquaruis, but this is a harsh, straight
forward punch in the face. This is harsh enough to satisfy the most
orthodox black metallion, but is produced well enough to survive outside
the basement cavern in which you subsist alone.
Moribund gets the pleasure of releasing this klassic.
not Old Wainds, but kult and klassic none the less

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