Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tool TIme

As a suburban man with lawn care issues, I have really come to love this device. The Hound Dog. We are against pesticides up here in the Heights, but Dandelions suck! Wasting your day bending over to pull them is a sucker move. Let's face it the bike is priority number one, so yard care needs to be done fast and furious and this bugger makes it happen. It is especially good if you have some OCD like tendencies.
It is hard to be a aging post punker and realize how much your life is resembling this Rollins tirade,but hey at least I have a well stocked garage.


Anonymous said...

No no no ,dandelions are great. They go well in salads or you can juice them . The bunnies love as well . I've got them growing in the yard for the family to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, whatever. I'm getting me a hound dog too.
Being all buddhist with the weeds is fine, but those weeds aren't buddhist with the other things I want to grow in my yard.
So I'll make a big pile for you to come get and juice.

- D (Family Man)

kate said...

I think you had better come clean and tell the world that this is MY TOOL.

~katedevil, the gardener of casa HOG