Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maynard Fergussun explosion

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and given the right songs even a goof ball like Maynard can sound hip. MF brings production and arrangements to the table. Covers are always good for a laugh if nothing else, but S/T MF record on Columbia exceeds expectations. Janis, James Taylor, George Harrison and on. 10 tracks of covers. The faux-head sitar action on Aquarius is unreal-especially as it rolls into some "riders on the storm" meets big band take on the Hair classic.
Side 2 opens with an upbeat "my sweet lord" that is worth the price of admission.
The MF Slaughter continues onto MF Horns 3. Rarely has such a dork, been so funky. I guess Nice N'Juicy is a trademark. Could lived without the 'Round Midnight cover-what's next? Take the A Train?

Considering you can find all his shit at the thrift store, it is well worth acquiring.

not on these albums but classic footage

the prison outfits on this band are too good

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