Tuesday, October 20, 2009


When it is bike racing time and even more so for cross, your world gets pretty small. race, recover, train, repeat. Obviously this is punctuated with hijinks, hanging out, and general hilarity, but next weekend's races really loom in your mind.
Take the basic question you probably hear a million times each morning. "How are you?" A normal person may answer this a bunch of different ways, but cyclists seem to always reply with the with a predictable pattern. First is always "injured". You hurt X ,and it is or isn't getting better. 2nd is "sick" or "getting sick". 3rd is of course "tired" from training, racing, or traveling. Lastly is "ok" which probably means "I feel really fucking good and think I might rip people's legs off, but I am not going to say anything to jinx it or fuck it up".
So there you have it.
I am in the midst of a multi day RMV failure fest that is robbing me of training time, costing me some fun bike parts, and generally interfering with my life. I guess that would be a new category "fucked".
My last words as the RMV sucks the life out of me will be of course, "put me back on the bike".

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