Tuesday, October 20, 2009

how is this acceptable

art rock, outsider music, whatever the tag, I usually can't hang. I'd rather deal with BOC than Tortoise most days. How much art can I take? Not much. That's why I like metal, but now metal (especially hyphened metal black-, etc) are getting in the art game.
Got a copy of this Elegi Sistereis CD and expected some black metal or maybe some Isis/Neurosis type shit. Not at all what is in store
Opens with the sound of piano, drone, and the sound of someone walking on a creaky wood floor. the ocean, chains, and fog horns are other things you will hear. Sounded more like audio from a movie than anything else. I guess if you read Signal to Noise all the time, this kind of shit is trad-fair, but I caught me by surprise and is pretty fucking good-especially with Halloween coming up. It would be the perfect soundtrack to reading a Kurt Wallander mystery.(nice artsy literary reference.... are mysteries considered literature?). The whole vibe is "going down to the ocean to die". How can that not appeal to a Cape Cod'er?
I guess the more on the ball scribes have already labeled this as "acoustic doom". Ouch. If I knew that I never would have picked it up. So I guess labels do suck, and it's nice not to have a unique record ruined by the internet. Surprises are hard to come by.
mishmash is the label.
Sisteries is the word for a ship's last trip before it sinks so if you want to get all brainy with your nautical pals, there you go.

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I don't smoke pot. Therefore, I don't have time for crud like this.


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