Monday, November 9, 2009

Noho CX Words

Even though we had driven out the night before, I was still up too early and ended up at Look Park ridiculously early. One treat of having the first race of the day is the unique course conditions. Warming up was like riding through a field of frozen shag carpet. Wet grass can slow you down-so can frozen grass. As the sun came up, the dew melted off and gave the corners a little more slippery excitement than they otherwise would warrant, The dew also made the railroad crossings something to pay attention to.
Race started with the weird wrong way/parade lap and then turned around back down the finishing straight and up the run up. 100+ dudes will bunch up pretty good at that first run up and it was chaos. Again, we hit it in better condition than latter races-but did our best to chew it up.
The ride down was not a strong point for me. I was riding the brakes way to much, but was sketched out by it until maybe the last 2 laps.

Sand pit-road it in practice. Ran it during the race. Better safe than sorry. Watching the pros latter in the day was pretty mind blowing. They hit the sand pit so fast they could basically just coast through the first part, peddle through the turn and then stomp out. Pros are fast.

Barriers-were pretty basic. Not super tall.

2nd Ride up/Run Up. I ran it during the race. Again, it was pretty crazy to watch the later categories just power up it.
I started to feel the pain about half way through 2 to go and my reliable redline dry heaves kicked up for a minute. Smashed my knee of my seat coming out of the sand pit as well which sucked. Not a total implosion, but it took me most of the lap to get it back togehter.
Bell lap and it was game over. 64th.
Spent the rest of the day hanging out-which may not have been so smart as I woke up the next day with a horrible cough and sore throat.
Rolled over the the park early and took a couple laps-felt like shit. Coughing, hacking, no power. Packed my bike up and went back to bed. Some how I got placed 94th in Sunday's race-even though I was in bed and my number(which I got Friday night) was in my glove compartment???
All in all an amazing weekend.
Adam Craig was hanging on his uber prototype Giant Di2 next to me for most of the day, but I didn't geek out and take any photos. Wish I did.
Based on the number of crashes, I think they might want to rethink the start. It was a little sketchy.
I will be back next year with file treads.

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