Sunday, November 8, 2009

Northampton Saturday. Run Up

Run-Ups are my favorite obstacle in cross. They reward struggle and guts as much as finesse and they are usually (at the start of a race) pretty chaotic and fun.
Here are some shots from the Sat Men's Pro race. Since I am lazy, you can expect the same thing with 3s and a plethora of shots taken from the confines of the October tent. Lazy Man photography at its finest.

This photo is blurry due to the stealth nature of adam craig's giant with Di2...

Despite the run ups and sand pit, this was really a grass crit. Check out how narrow that line is compared to the width of the lane. It was strung out and you clung on until you popped.

(this photo is from Sunday, but conditions were similar on Sat-just colder.

Cyclcrossworld weren't the only guys holding a cross clinic. Embrocation's duo was dominating in the 3s. Orange gloves must make you fast!

Spooky know how to roll. Did you bring a coffee table to your tent?

Thanks to Adam Myerson/Cycle-Smart and everyone that helped make a great race weekend. Also big thanks to Andrew/October for helping us out with Clive! More pictures and talking later.

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