Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday Photos

I woke up sick and didn't race. Pretty much sat at the October tent all day and took lazy photos from that position. Once again. Fast. The grass sections looked like a crit. Single file with guys dying to close gaps.
Elite Women's start.

Mary McConneloug was dominated. Leading a group on the 1st lap. After that she just road away.
Lap one.

Lap two.

Timmerman gets a great start, but rolls a tire. The crash at the start slowed down a lot of dudes.

Myerson got a great start too, but it seems like if you didn't get caught up at the start, you were guaranteed an issue later. Myserson flatted and drifted back.


Anonymous said...

What's creeping death???
New converge is good but why can't they just completely untether from their emo past?
Do they always have to have one or two introspective tear-jerkers?
Damn you Steve Von Till!
That's known around here as "delete from MP3 player".
I also just realized that I was better off for never having read their lyrics. I won't make that mistake again. Just enjoy the music and add my own ideas of what the song should be about.


Anonymous said...

And just what does "soot sooty soot soo" mean anyway?