Sunday, April 29, 2007

Classics Wrap Up

Het Volk
1.Pozzato 2.Flecha 3.Boonen
Milan San Remo
1.Freire 2.Davis 3.Boonen
Tour of Flanders
1.Ballan 2.Hoste 3.Paolini
Ghent Whevelgam
1.Burghardt 2.Hammond 3.Freire
Paris Roubaix
1.O'Grady 2.Flecha 3.Wesseman
1.Schumacher 2.Rebellin 3.DiLuca
Fleche Wallone
1.Rebellin 2.Valverde 3.DiLuca
Leige Bastonge Leige
1.DiLuca 2.Valverde 3.F.Sheck

Somethings really stand out on this list Where is Bettini? Ditto for Boonen. Fuck yeah or Ballan and O'Grady. DiLuca was a beast can he hold it for the Giro? Valverde is strong will it translate at the tour? Awesome springs for Liquigas, Gerlosteiner, and CSC. Can Flecha pull out a big win next year? Astana was extremely quiet and that will put some pressure on their grand tour performance. What about the weather hot and dry in April? Someone call Al Gore. And can someone fix the roads in Tirenno Adriatico? A few less crashes there would help everyones season.
Tour de Romandie and Henninger Turn coming up this week and about 15 days til the start of the Giro. Grand Tour season is here so be prepared for the shorter stage races and the 3 week bangers. These races should be wide open this year and I am expecting some changing of the guard at the Giro and Vuelta. The Tour should/could boil down to Vino vs Valverde vs Sastre vs Leiphemer. Hopefully the drug scandals will be resolved before they stain another years races.

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