Monday, April 30, 2007

Deep Purple with the Royal Philharmonic LP

I remember buying Machine Head on cassette when I was in 7th or 8th grade. Thought it was OK with a few killer moments. Overtime I have grown to love Deep Purple. Between today and when I was in 7th grade is a lot of time to grow... Despite that I do not consider myself a Deep Purple expert. So when I saw this in a box in the back of a book store, I snatched it up my mind a pinball machines of hope and expectations. "Concerto for Group and Orchestra composed by Jon Lord" Are you fucking serious?
It opens slowly and I was nervous this was going to be a legit attempt at playing classical music, but Richie Blackmore kicks off the fire works half way through the "first movement". The orchestra and band coexist more that intermingle and overall it has a disjointed feel rather than an epic Wagnerian journey type of vibe. Richie B's classical guitar hero moves were heavily influential on a young Yngwie who is probably falling off a bar stool right now telling someone about what could have been. Which may or may not be a better fate than Richie B wandering around Renaissance Fairs strumming a lute.
You might remember that DP had a singer and you might be wondering what his role would be on this project. You'll have to wait til half way through side 2 for him to appear and it's not some bittersweet symphony. He belts it out and then the maestro Jon Lord steps back to the organ. Side 2 is really where it is at for this LP as the band and orchestra start to work together more effectively. And fear not the drum solo is in full effect about half way through the 2nd side. Classical music and a drum solo??
Jon Lord's liner notes are an added bonus.
This record is so pretentious and demented it is jaw dropping. It only makes me wish someone like Lil Wayne was ambitious enough to try and get down with the NY Symphony Orchestra or something.

This is a stereo version on WB but their might be an earlier version on Polydor for the true collector.

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