Friday, May 4, 2007

Bottle openers and bikes

Cycling and drinking go hand in hand. Why I do not know. The skinnier you are the better you ride, and the more you drink the less skinny you are, but everyone loves a beer. Most companies provide some sort of bottle opening device. Here are some I've come across
Surly off course have the Jethro Tule which with the 15mm wrench and shoe horn shaped handle is cool as hell. Except, I find the opener will rip the top of your bottle if you aren't careful. The wrench itself has an awesome ergo shoe horn feel and works as well as the benchmark Campy 15mm "peanut butter" wrench. They also have the Scrap tool which is an 18mm wrench and bottle opener made with scrap from making chain rings. Nice reuse of material and it fits in your pocket better. Have not tried this one out yet.
Up next is the Ahern's bike-mounted opener-the Wisecracker. Hard to lose this on the seatpost or headtube!, but who wants to add weigh to their bike?
Surly are back with the Tuggnut -a chain tensioner which features an opener which mimics a DIY conversion. If you set a road bike up as a fixed gear, you can cut the derailleur hanger and make it an opener. Get cracking with that file!
Swobo is not going to get left out with and they pop the opener under their Cart saddle. Handy
Pedro and Park both have a opener available. Pedro's beverage wrench is superior in my opinion.
I have not included promotional or keychain/logo based beer openers that tend to get destroyed in weeks-just some more high zoot designs. Keep them coming!

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