Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Basso's Big Day

That is the bad news, hopefully he gives his DNA and lets the chips fall where they may. In better news Salvodelli won the Tour of Romandie prologue with Chris Horner in 3rd! This race has always been kind to Horner. Hard to pick an overall winner but a Giro contendor seems likely. Brajkovic might have a chance since it is a week long race, but Discovery sent less than the B team. How about some long shots like Cadel Evans, Mick Rogers, Thomas Dekker, Kashechkin, or Julich. Looking over this race it shows that the Pro-Tour is stretching teams thin. Several of the line ups seem doomed from the get go. Stage 4 should be decisive with 4 Cat 1 climbs ending in a mountain top finish. Stages 1-3 are all hilly and should keep the race lively. Ends with a 20K TT which you can't count out in a short stage race.
German race Henninger Turm went to T-Mobile's Sinkewitz. Danny Pate was the best placed American at 77th.
Romandie is the main race action for the week, but one of my favorite named French races is up on the 6th the "Trophée des Grimpeurs".
Countdown to the Giro is on. Salvodelli, Cunego, and Popovych are my favorites without seeing the start list. I hope that DiLuca animates the race in Vino like fashion, but don't know if he can hold that Ardennes form through the end of may

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