Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cycling news

Ghent Whevlegam victory went to Marcus Burghardt (T-mobile) with Roger Hammond in 2nd and Freire in 3rd. Huge win for T-Mobile and Hammond shows he is in form for next Sunday. Sadly Tyler Farrar and American on Cofidis broke his kneecap on the descent of the kemmelberg. Freire is having a hell of a season and if he stays injury free could be a danger all year. Words of wisdom courtesy of Roger Hammond on how to avoid a crash, "I haven't seen all the replays, but you could see riders hitting the brakes. It's fatal, but it's a reaction. You cannot brake in a situation like that. You have to steer to avoid the crash." Further information on not braking "Tom Boonen commented dryly, "Actually, you can ride over the bidons normally. The only thing you shouldn't do is brake because there's something in front of your wheel, because then you somersault over the handlebars."
Pais Vaisco has three hilly stages left. Ángel Vicioso has the overall on GC. DeLuca and Valverde sit about 2 to 3 minutes back.
France's short stage race Cicuit de la Sarthe has Andreas Kloden in 1st overall with Brad Wiggins 2 seconds back. 2 stages left to race. Team Slipstream is their with their best place rider at 3rd! Even with the hideous uniforms, you have to respect this team for slugging it out in Europe.
Sea Otter classic kicks off today. Road Race on Saturday.
Tour of Georgia starts up on the 16th.
3 days til Paris Roubaix!

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