Friday, April 13, 2007

Luchs Brothers Hara Krishns Stomp

This is some KBD/Back to the Front obsuro punk from the Incognito Label. 2 songs "Hara Krishna Stomp" b/w "Kill me I'm Rotten" Chicago was the hom of these, supposedly, 4 brothers. HK stomp was recorded in 94 and the fkiop is a live version of the a side of their 1st single.
HK Stomp comes off as more Dr.Demento or Mojo Nixon singing over a weak Byrds rip off more than classic KBD fare. The Byrds verse gives way to a ham handed classic rock chorus. Pleasingly incompentent and maybe the singer was influenced by Freddy Blaise on one of the wrestling albums.
"Kill me I'm Rotten" is a by the numbers Sex Pistols tribute. Faux English accent for the Chicago boys. Good tune, but not earth shattering. Guitarist has some super solo pretensions over an otherwise chugging bar band stomp.
This seems more like a novelty band that is collectable when thrown under the KBD umbrella rather than a crucial slice of 70s punk.
Budget sleeve contain a lot of info which makes up for the xerox look.
This 45 was #146/333 in the "333xUp and down" series? not exactly sure what other records were in that series, but this is allegedly the last. Grey wax and stamped semi generic labels.

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