Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mercy 7" Nuclear War Now Reissue

1981 in Sweden and Mercy are ready to make some noise. NWOBHM is the style and influence. 4 tracks here. Slightly above demo quality. Andre "the witchking" provides some blazing leads. "Beggin for Mercy" and "Shadow Woman" have a cool Judas Priest feel. JP are a clear influence on these guys. Dreams kicks off side 2 and is a real stand out track. They break out all the tricks for this including a smashing bottle and a toy xylophone(? just a guess).
The productionn is not bad, but with a little more power these could have been standout tracks in their day. "Stranger from the Dark" finishes it off.
Middle Aged Metal Heads take not and go get it. It makes more sense than buying another round of Iron Maiden remasters.......
Both Mercy logos are worthy of a bootleg t-shirt. Somebody get on it
Available from Nuclear War Now Productions who have an amazing reissue of thrash metal masters Midnight.

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