Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Headhunters God Made Me Funky 45

This record came to my attention on Paul Weller's installment of the "Under Your Influence" CD series. A seriously funky tune with some powerful heartfelt vocals. Winner. Half-heartedly looked for it in stores and online, never very seriously. One day I happen to search ebay and see a copy for 99 cents. I throw in a bid and figure no way will I get it. But perhaps, "God can give you anything you want", because I got it for 99 cents plus shipping. Very Nice. A Mono/Stereo white label turns up in my door a few weeks later. 1975 on Arista. From the Survival of the Fittest LP which has been reissued and bootlegged a lot. This song was also sampled by De La on "take it off" and the Fugees.which makes the second 45 featured on WWDIS that was sampled by De La.
This is a killer tune. Take away Herbie and these guys could lay it down. There are several ways to get your hands on this tune, so just do it.

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