Monday, May 21, 2007

Rasa Everything you See is Me Krsna Rock Part 17

Rasa's "Everything you see is me" LP on Govinda/Iskon Records. 8 songs from 1978. 17 records in and I keep tracking down new Krsna related records. This one surprisingly shares no connection with the Michel Cassidy related records that have been featured previously in the Krsna rock series. This is kind of some Steely Dan/Doobie Brothers meets Cali soft rock hybrid. Side 1 didn't offer much that caught my ear. I made it to side 2 and they drop a funky track called "chanting" heavily influenced by Stevie Wonder. A nice surprise. The chanting/chant call and response is killer. Top track for sure. Side 2 keeps it rolling with "Within the Sound" which is not bad. Overall not a killer record, but the "chanting" song was a nice surprise.

***Breaking news. This record was sampled by Common and some other more conscious rappers.... small world.

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Baby Grandpa said...

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