Friday, May 25, 2007

neurosis given to the rising

This is an influential band that never really grabbed me. Saw them in 89 or something and thought they were some brutal Amebix type shit. Saw them 10 years later and they were on some tribal power overload. Both times they stood out, but neither time did they win me over. I think they always hinted at a greatness that they never achieved. This is a minority opinion. I have always respected their independence and willingness to forge their own path. When you buy a Neurosis album, you know what you are getting, but like any band that has put out more than 3 records, there are new takes on the formula.
This new record, though, caught my ear right off the bat. Super heavy. Track 3 "In the Wind" is super powerful. Like a Roman legion trampling your village. Still some longs songs with most over 7 minutes, but I managed to stay focused and not lose the plot. There are some more melodic elements as well.

To me these guys are like some scary dudes that have a junkyard at the end of the street and you are intrigued and scared at the same time.
No matter what, you already no if you are going to grab this the day it comes out our not.
Check this too.

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