Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Curse of the Selle Italia Signature Seat

Remember when Selle Italia dropped the big three signature seat series. Ullrich, Pantani, and Virenque all heavy hitting champions...... Seems like this may have been the moment that cursed all three to a life of infamy rather than continued success. Can't necessarily blame the corny Pantani and Ullrich graphics for their troubles, but like the Tiki Idol from the Brady Bunch it is hard to ignore the bad luck and decisions that followed.
At least the Virenque graphic has a sinister foreshadowing of the doping problems that would capture him.
Of all three it is the Virenque seat that has weathered the fashion trends the best. Not unlike Tricky Dick himself who came back after his ban and managed to still have half of France screaming for him. Maybe there is a lesson in that for Jan,Tyler,Floyd, et al.
At least Tinker and Super Mario have avoided the curse even if stuck with the corny saddle graphics.
So today's stars better beware if Selle Italia comes calling......

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