Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wish I could just buy the poster.... black metal

This is a new level of "kult". Putting a shaved pig in a gasmask??? Speechless.
I guess Darkthrone kind of set the parameters of the playing field with the classic album covers like Transylvanian Hunger back in 1994 and since then we have had 13 years of refining the formula. Can't say for sure who first introduced gasmasks (maybe Revenge??) but they have become as integral as bullet belts and homemade weaponry.
Thanks to distro's like, I can check out all the latest permutations of black metal cover art without having to be subject to the latest redundant rehash of the black metal musical formula. Maybe if some of these dudes just focused on making photo books or zines they might maximize their talents.
Hard to say but when the photos are better than the music, I would be a lot more likely to buy a book than buy a cd just to look at the pictures.

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Ur Trommler said...

i'm waiting to see a ferret in a 12" nail gauntlet!