Thursday, September 6, 2007

East of Underground S/T CD crucial military funk gem

Imagine being in the Army in the 70s. Not much to do except get high and
hang around, mop the floor, and stop communism. Remember the movie Stripes? Well these
brothers were lucky enough to be stationed together, form a band, win a
talent show, and record this gem of an album. All covers played in a loose
garagey funk style that is phenomenal. Lots of not so serious banter, Off
kilter interpretations of the songs. A rough edge and straining quality makes this essential. Vocals are killer.
Wax Poetics wasn't going to put out a dud for their first release, but this
unknown soldier is a funk monster. Sly, Clinton, Curtis, James-all the heavy
hitters get a treatment. Even Santana and Bacharach get in the mix. So Mega. Get it on CD on limited LP and rock this into Indian Summer. You've got a much better chance of getting one of the 2000 repressed albums than trying to track down one of the "handful" of OG copies out there.
As if this isn't enough I've got a new Eccentric Soul on Deck. HomeSchooled-all kids and juveniles playing funk and soul. Unstoppable and a positive review is likely by Sunday. Roll down the windows and crank these labor's of love while the temperatures still allow it.

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