Monday, September 3, 2007

Peterbilt Reissues Rain and Deadline

DC was famous for bands that weren't built to last. Rain and Deadline are 2 perfect examples. Peterbilt was Guy from R.O.S/Fugazi's label and these are the 2 best releases (no offense to Black Light Panthers). The members of these bands are a who's who of DC music and I am guessing you know who if you are one of the handful of people that read this.
Previously hard to find in their distinctive manilla envelope sleeves, Dischord has been kind enough to reissue them on compact disc here -and save you a ton of cash as well. They have even attempted to mimic the Peterbilt packaging. I would think that they could have dug in the archive for some photos or stories (a la touch and go's reiusses perhaps)
Rain deliver the goods-87 era post-revolution summer emo. Still more straight ahead rock than what Fugazi would deliver later that year. My copy of the record skips-and I think a lot of them did, so it is nice to hear this with no blemishes.
Deadline (of the dreaded D.O.D crew) have a more classic DCHC sound from 1982. Maybe not standing the test of time as well as the Faith LP. Still a fun blast from the past that is worth your time.

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Ur Trommler said...

DC is an area i did not pay attention to after "gray matter" was a disappointment... in retrospect, a lot of those bands had the goods - as long as you weren't hoping for another minor threat or (like you mentioned) faith... it's a treasure trove out there in reissue-land, thanks for the tip!