Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Burial Chamber Trio 10"

Another release from this doom supergroup. Like their LP, this is low and slow with some demented vocals. Music sounds like heavy objects being pushed along a floor at times, but is allegedly all bass, guitar, and analog effects..... Vocals are creepy and sparse. Think random Melvins fucking with the crowd low end feedback,drone, and scrape.
Somehow this manages to be more arty and kult than SUNN, but more enjoyable to me.
Costumes for the stage show are probably heading to a more Peter Gabriel than WickerMan level and they might not hold up as well as the music over time.
Graphics are totally over the top and impressive. Picture disc 10", multiple layers on clear backgrounds. Skulls, Worms, killer.
Sounds good on 45 or 33.
Their infrequent gigs are documented on Youtube for those of you without frequent flyer miles.
Grave Temple too for all you necro doom drone completists.
Rock on Southernlord.

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