Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Burial Chamber Trio LP

Maybe O'Malley and Anderson have a conflicted musical vision hidden under Sunn's umbrella because they both felt the need to record records with the duo of Attila Csihar and Oren Ambarchi under different names and without each other??? I guess technically one has drums and the other doesn't but what gives? Don't want to be like SSD, but "How much drone/Can you take?"
Burial Chamber Trio's LP earns the "none more black award" for it's black on black screened cover, black jacket, and black on the inside cover print job. Even with that much black they manage to intrigue with only the record labels.... Masked men, costumed men, etc. Is this some Death in June triubte?? It's nice to see a band dropping hints rather than beating you over the head with what they are into(not a surprising attitude from a dude whose blog is called "What we do is Secret") Top it off with emerald vinyl and record nerds are freaking. Slow feedback drone with tortured vocals. If you know the players involved and you know Sunn there are no surprises here. Guitar, Bass, and Vocals. Attila does most of the work to keep you interested. I find this way more intense and listenable than SUNN. Killer platter of twisted doom. Get it while you can.

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