Thursday, February 7, 2008


Maybe you are still under the sway of the poetics of Phil and Paul, but for my money Bettini is the master linguist.
Two recent verbal's have me anxiously awaiting his next volley of vocab.
1."This winter I exaggerated a little bit and found myself nine kilograms over my inform weight," noted Bettini to La Gazzetta dello Sport. "It was almost double body fat [59 to 68kg, 7 to 13% body fat - ed.]. However, when it is a party, it is a party."
I too exaggerate my weight in the winter. I also misunderestmate it. But remember no matter what, "when it is a party, it IS a party"!!! take that Borat.

2."I am sure that you, like me, will be seduced by the technical qualities and feel the passion that only this exclusive and extraordinary cycling shoe can offer." This nugget comes from the ad for his new limited Sidi Ergo2s-an overload of color that is sure to go with something in your wardrobe. Get a gold helmet and some gold bartape and you are ready to roll. White tape is so last year...... Maybe Paolo can write ad copy for Rapha if this cycling thing doens't pan out.

As the season is early, I hope to make Bettini-isms a continuing feature.

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