Sunday, February 3, 2008

GP d'what in la where? are there cobbles?

Racing in the North of France in April makes you a hardman, but what about racing in the South of France in February? GP d'Ouverture La Marseillaise is the kind of race that few brag about having been in, but today's results are pretty interesting. 2nd generation of Duclose-Lassalles gets on the top step of a podium. Slipstream rider on the podium as well. They will need to be a presence at all these French races to get a n invite. Finally VDB back in the race results not the court report! Don't know if he finished, but at least he started. I was watching the 2000 L-B-L on the trainer the other night and Phil was saying that the Cofidis team (minus the holding out for more cash VDB) were riding the course and everyone tried like VDB in 99 to ride up la Redoute in the big ring-and none of them could. Phil concluded that event had totally demoralized the team accounting for there non-presence in that race.

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