Friday, February 8, 2008

Big Night

You know you have a problem, if a big Friday night includes reading Het Volk online to get the full results of Etoiles De Besegges to see how VDB is doing(not good at 24 minutes back). Wim Van Huffel is a solid minute forty ahead of Huub Duyn.
Christopehe Moreau has got to be wondering why he didn't retire as he slugs it out 7 minutes back. Would he be at this race if he was still on a Pro-Tour team? There was also a good photo set of training on the Koppenberg which is back in the Tour of Flanders this year.
A quick jump and you can stumble around the Gazetta del Sport online as well. Where we discover that left to his own devices, Basso will apparently ride a Pinarello. Babelfish helps to up the comedic factor of any article with it's translations. Maybe that's what makes Bettini sound so crazy. The Gazzetta page also has some daily race video which is a cool feature.
Party On

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