Thursday, February 7, 2008

HTFU Part 2

Maybe it's the sharks or the hole in the Ozone layer, but the Aussies seem to continoulsy up the ante on the hardman stakes. From Nathan O'Neil and Stuey O'Grady's broken necks and backs to this. Anna Meares crashed in the World Track Keirin Finals-getting a dislocated shoulder and fracture vertabrea in the process plus some ligament damage. Long time rehab. Does she shut it down? No, it's an Olympic year so she gets on her trainer and figures this out. She just started walking unassisted and she is already training? She has to get helped onto the bike! Contemplate how soft you are in comparision!
So everyone out there whining about being on the trainer (aka me), harden the fuck up and get it done.
Check out more on Anne here
In related news it is no surprise that Magnus Backstedt is back on the trainer. Can't let a little operation and a broken collarbone slow you down when Roubaix is only 6 weeks away. Hope he can be ready. Watching him pull the bunch in Flanders 06 was unreal. He just powered a group like it was a training ride.
One guy who could use a dose of HTFU is noted radio pseudo-conservative pervert Jay Severin. His moans of agony about Mitt dropping out of the race yesterday could stand a solid dose of Harden the Fuck Up. The only thing better than Mitt dropping out was waiting for Severin to cry about it.

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