Friday, June 27, 2008

Tombs and King Generator

Couple new records featuring Blackbox impresario and all around master of heaviness Mike Hill. Tombs is his new post Anodyne/Versoma band and King Generator is more of a project(I guess?) KG (not #5) give you 8 minutes and 18 seconds of fury. Fast and furious hardcore. Flirts with D-Beat and power violence but not at all generic. All but one song clock in under a minute. Features Dave Witte on drums so that should get your attention. One sided lp with a cool etching on the blank side. 1000 pressed. 300 on color so record nerds get hunting. Also comes with a CD version so you can get it right up on your IPOD with no fuss. Tankcrime put this one out.

Tombs is up next. 7 tracks on black box recordings. Definitely some dark and heavy music. Not to far removed from Versoma in that it has a melodic edge. That is what kicks this up to the next level. Heavy is good, but heavy, depressive, and memorable makes for repeated listenings. 4th track is some instrumental damage that has a kinds 4 days in the studio with no sleep vibe-kinda Zen Arcade style. Finishes off heavy and pummeling. Graphics are suitably dark and claustrophobic. A winner. Keep an eye out for a new record on Relapse!

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