Friday, July 11, 2008

Random Tour Tech and other races.

Fugly stem. "aero"?

So you thought you had the "team edition" Selle Italia and were feeling pretty pro. Then you check out cyclingnews and bummed out when you saw this. Guess you aren't really pro if you have to pay.....

Today's stage was another good one. Cunego coming to grief was a suprise. Teams are riding so hard and it is only the first week. Legs are going to be trashed after the Sunday/Monday double header. And that is not even the half way point! Ouch.
Beltran is putting the tricky into his trikki nickname. Very disappointing and I hope this doesn't open a lid on a can of worms-especially since 8 other riders had irregular values. This race has been too good to be ruined by doping scandals. Read this in an old article recently and it is food for thought "Competitive sport begins where healthy sport ends."

Other tidbits, Rene Crash-albacher wins in Austria and no one gets hurt. Rock racing is rocking China. Although Tyler appears to have trouble with more rules here-what is up with those legwarmers? The kit looks like a Converge shirt. Sevilla should be a real threat for the overall here-funky gear or not.
Leiphemer spanks everyone at the TT in the Cascade classic, but can he hold the lead for three more stages?
One of my favorite things is to search for US riders in smaller races in Europe and today I found one Alex Howes racing for Velo Club La Pomme was 77th in the GP Internacional Torres Vedras in Portugal. Another Americn having more luck is Amber Neben who is sitting in 5th on GC at the ladies Giro and came in 2nd on today's stage Condor-Rapha is battling in Hungary which means the get to guys really named Zoltan, and this guy named Zoltan finished 5th on the day.

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