Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cycling round up

Zabel gets a win in Holland-at the most intensely named Profronde van Surhuisterveen. Probably a big fuck you to Germany for not bringing him to the Olymoics. Thomas Dekker was racing for Rabobank-even though they are releasing him from his contract. He also has some funny blood values hanging over his head

BobkeStrut hits it out of the park with these Get Your War On homage. #3 had me spraying coffee on the keyboard.

Paul Kimmages Slipstream tour articles were good. This one really deals with the wanting to be a fan in a skeptical world angle. Calling Hamilton the "the angel-faced maestro of deceit" is a real turn of phrase....

Finally the mad, mad world of David Clinger. If you are not getting results, you can always get attention.

I was scrolling through results from the US Elite and Juniors National TT, when I saw that Dave Clinger was racing and got DQ'd??? I thought he was riding for Rock, but a quick check of their site doesn't have him listed on the team roster anymore.
He was listed as riding for "Van Dessel/Bike Warrior" and a quick google of that shows he has been racing a lot under this affiliation and apparently Road Bike Warrior is going to be a documentary dvd about him?????
Is this another case of a former Postal guys going off the rails?

2 days til Bettini's day of reckoning!

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