Sunday, August 3, 2008


Tour wrapped up while I was on vacation. Sastre gets the biggest win of his life and one his has been shooting for for years. Despite only being 33 he has been around forever and it is nice to see him get the win before the door closes on him (levi....)
Steegmans tries to ease the pain for Quickstep by getting the last stage win, but was it for them or to help him in negotiations with Tinkoff/Katusha?
Friere gets the green which is amazing-amazing that he made it through the whole 3 weeks.
Kohl gets the polka dots and a podiumjavascript:void(0)
Save Now spot which should help in off season transfer to a new team.
Vandevelde in 5th-good tour for him and Garmin-Chipolte.
CSC dominated. Columbia ruled the sprints. Lots of aggressive racing. This was good tour if you weren't one of the dopes that got caught.

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