Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hugh X Lewis-can't judge a 45 by the singer's

Disappointment comes in all sort of flavors. For me when it happened when Hugh X Lewis turned out to be a country singer and not a fire breathing Muslim. The song "blues sells a lot of booze" had my hopes high. The label should have been a give away that this was no soul record, but hope springs eternal. Picked it up in a church sale 45 treasure trove while on vacation. Had all week to dream up stories about this record with no computer or turntable to set me straight. Why couldn't this have been a Muslim inspired conspiracy theory that Jews invented the blues to keep black people drunk???? Why god Why? I found this record with a bunch of other soul 45s, so that is what got my hopes up.
Hugh X Lewis is not even some great uncle of the more well known Huey Lewis. He is just a country balladeer
In the pantheon of acceptable country topics, lamenting alcohol is a common subject and Hugh does an admirable if not original turn on the mic, but he will never be able to live up to my fantasy..

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