Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do Something

Think about this. Then read a book. Maybe Blackwater by Jeremy Scahill or Wrecking Crew by Thomas Franks.
Ghost War by Steve Coll is a true classic if you want some context and history.
Fiasco collects and expands on Thomas Ricks excellent Atlantic articles.
Either way figure it out.
You could maybe even buy one of these at a local bookstore or try an amazon alternative.

It is not too hard to believe that the Republican convention came with a hearty helping of police oppression, but rather than shrug it off like I did, Ted Leo got together and recorded a benefit 4 song ep that you can download on the Touch and Go site.
Includes Amebix and Cocksparrer covers. "Rapid Response" indeed. "I got your number" comes off as more Undertones than Trouble on the Terraces but is still rad. Amebix? They have not stood the test of time for me, but this is a solid solo rework. Read a couple of the books above and you will agree that "Paranoia(is never enough)"!

So in conclussion, it feels like we are ready for the curtain call of the 2nd gilded age and its hard to believe so many were so asleep at the switch that it happened again.

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