Thursday, September 18, 2008

Garzelli wins at GP Wallonie

Garzelli is like the Brett Michels of cyling. What is up with the fucking head wraps?
Just deal, you are bald. Summer, fall,winter, doesn't matter-he has some giant bandana under his helmet. I am not even commenting on the fact that it is generally pink. He has a least won the Giro, so why not. So Aqua-Sapone dominate the race and allow Garzelli to give Ballerini a big FU for not picking him for the Worlds. What race can DiLuca win to make his non-selection an issue?
Regardless, Garzelli had a good win at the GP Wallonie which is just the kind of tough but under the radar race (a la the Tro Bro Leon) that I love and wish I could see more of! Cobbled climbs,iffy weather, plenty of continental teams ,and of course Collstrap had Borut Bozic there!

BMC had some US guys in the race. Best placed was Taylor Tolleson 120th 10 minutes back.

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