Thursday, September 18, 2008

Worlds on the Way and some odds and ends

Worlds are only 11 days away!!! Another Italy vs Spain affair or can Luxemborg spoil the party? Chavenel could be a dark horse for France-he has had a great year and is still strong.
Bettini ether'd Valverde saying about his rival "[Alejandro] Valverde will be third, but you can't let him out of your sights." Ouch.
Shlecks, Schumacher, Sanchez-there are a lot of S's with a chance. Lets hope the announcer doesn't have a lisp.
Belgium could be ass out but maybe Devolder or Gilbert can do something?
US is doomed. Sending four promising young guns to back up Leiphemer. A real motivational leader to work for.... Garmin is really looking like the US Rabobank as three out of the four dudes ride for Garmin.
Worlds are often anti-climatic, but the course is tough and there are plenty of guys in form.

Even without Colnago, Milram will be riding in style! Lightweight as team wheel supplier??? Sick

Brad came through with this story and says stop whining about your commute/

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