Monday, April 6, 2009

Groinoids RadioBeat Sessions

The more rarities and oddballs that get unearthed or pulled out of mothballs, the more the liklehood of them sucking. It was with great trepidation that I grabbed this 7". 82, Boston, Radio Beat, Boston Not LA uber weirdo song, all the ingredients were there for a smash, but I was nervous this might be the first turd in the reissue blitz. The cover rules and definitely was an additional factor that got me hyped.
Opens up with "Angel" and "Empty Skull" the two tracks you know from Boston Not LA.
Side One ends with "Burn" which is a stomping mid tempo jam. If "ack,ack,ack" is too complicated for you, maybe "doy,doy,doy" can keep your attention.
closes out with "4.6 billion vampires" which has a classic slow noodling "solo"
These guys mine a vein of stomping punk and hardcore that wasn't really in line with the Freeze/Jerry's Kids/Gang Green/SSD whatever. Killdozer, Killslug, etc are more in the vein of these lost tracks.
82 was a magical year for American Hardcore and while this may not be holy grail, it is a good look into the roots of oddball sludge,noise, or dirge. Limited to 500 so get cracking. I can only hope this is a precursor to a Decadance box set or something.
They of course have a myspace page and are reunited. Enough with the fucking reunions. Stop.

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